Saleh Kamrani

Saleh Kamrani was born on December 31, 1972 in the city of Ahar, East Azerbaijan. After graduation, he entered the law faculty of the University of Shiraz. During his studies at the university, he began teaching Turkic language and literature courses in the dormitory of the university with the participation of M.Sadig, a professor of Turkic language and literature.

Saleh Kamrani is a South Azerbaijani human rights defender, prisoner of conscience, the founder of the Azerbaijani Central Party and ANT.

Life and activity

He has been repeatedly harassed by security forces who have been threatened for his activity. In 2005, he went to Urmia with his brother to defend the rights of the next national cultural activist. In Urmia, midnight Iranian special forces raided the home and arrested him and his brother.

After completing his military service, starting to work Saleh Kamrani is also pursuing a master’s degree at Shiraz University. He has been active in the creation of the Shiraz University Turkic Language Students Association and the Turkic and Persian language “Savalan” newspaper (as editor-in-chief). Then, as a lawyer, he tries to defend the rights of Azerbaijani national cultural activists Gulamrza Amani, Abbas Lisani, Hamid Iman, Seyid Javad Mousavi, Hidayat Zakir, Maharram Kamrani, Ibrahim Savalan, Saleh Molla Abbasi, Javad Abbasi and Abbas Nik Ravan. He also defended their rights in court as an Arab national activist, a member of the Iranian Writers Association, Yusif Azizi Benitorof, and Mohsen Sazegara, a Persian-speaking nationalist.


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Even after being released a few days later, his brother Maharram Kamrani, who is the founder of the student newspaper “Vision” and “Awake”, is arrested. During the 2006 Khordad events, peaceful protests were suppressed. Tens of protesters die. Meanwhile, Saleh Kamrani has formed a group called the “Committee on the Protection of National Rights” and begins interviews for various international television shows and radio. He was kidnapped by security forces on his way home in Tehran on June 14, 2006. Although it is not known where he was held for several days, it is later revealed that he was being held in Evin prison. This is confirmed by his wife Mina Askeri in an interview with Araz radio aired on June 19 in Sweden. Although released in 2007, a few months later he was arrested again on 18 August 2007 and sentenced to one year in prison. After being released, he is forced to leave the country again because he is subjected to persecution and threats. In 2010 he left the country and moved to Sweden. Here he begins interviewing a number of international channels as an independent expert. It establishes the Central Party of Azerbaijan  and the 24-hour AnT TV.

Interviews and speeches of the AMP leader


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