Azerbaijan Central Party


Letter of support from the parties and organizations of South Azerbaijan to the President and the Nation of Ukraine

We, the organizations and parties of South Azerbaijan, while supporting the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people against the occupying Russian army, call for the support and assistance of all governments, organizations and human rights institutions to the people of Ukraine. We believe that the resistance of the Ukrainian people is the defense of the homeland and the right to determine their national destiny, and with your prudent leadership in the near future we will see the victory of the Ukrainian people in this occupation war.
We also condemn the support of the fascist and dictatorship regime of Iran for the occupation war launched by Russia against Ukraine.
Long live Ukraine

Statement of Azerbaijan Central Party on the occupation of Ukraine by the Russia

we, as Azerbaijan Central Party, condemning the aggression and crimes committed by Russia and its supporters in Ukraine, express our solidarity with the people and government of Ukraine and call for the the United States, the European Union, NATO and the Turkish world to full support of Ukraine   and restore its political sovereignty and terrotorial integrety . We believe that victory will be with Ukraine and the nations will not hesitate to sacrifice for their existence and new values.Long live UkraineSlava UkrainianYashasin Azerbaijan 

Saleh Kamrani


Saleh Kamrani was born on December 31, 1972 in the city of Ahar, East Azerbaijan. After graduation, he entered the law faculty of the University of Shiraz. During his studies at the university, he began teaching Turkic language and literature courses in the dormitory of the university with the participation of M.Sadig, a professor of Turkic language and literature.

After completing his military service, starting to work Saleh Kamrani is also pursuing a master’s degree at Shiraz University. He has been active in the creation of the Shiraz University Turkic Language Students Association and the Turkic and Persian language “Savalan” newspaper (as editor-in-chief). Then, as a lawyer, he tries to defend the rights of Azerbaijani national cultural activists Gulamrza Amani, Abbas Lisani, Hamid Iman, Seyid Javad Mousavi, Hidayat Zakir, Maharram Kamrani, Ibrahim Savalan, Saleh Molla Abbasi, Javad Abbasi and Abbas Nik Ravan. He also defended their rights in court as an Arab national activist, a member of the Iranian Writers Association, Yusif Azizi Benitorof, and Mohsen Sazegara, a Persian-speaking nationalist.

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Central Party of Azerbaijan (AMP)

Speech and congratulations from the opening presentation "Video"

The Central Party of Azerbaijan (AMP) has chosen the right of the peoples living in Iran to determine their own destiny as its main goal and supports the national will of the Turks of South Azerbaijan in the future political framework.

The Central Party of Azerbaijan knows that the people living in South Azerbaijan will support the parties and organizations that protect our national interests, and continues its political activities in this area.

“Rationality (consciousness), reconciliation and acceptance of the results of common sense is AMP’s policy-making method. Our party is against hatred, anger, accusation, dissolution and sowing the seeds of discord, and will never allow such cases. Opposition and critics have always been treated with respect and dignity by us. And it will always be so. Insults, humiliation, hatred, oppression and such methods will never be used. No matter who is in front of us and what language they speak, we, as AMP, will not go out of courtesy.”

The Central Council is elected by seven active members of the party and by the votes of party members at the general assembly.

Members of the Central Council

Babak Azeroglu was born on 1970 in the city of Ahar, Eastern Azerbaijan province.
Aslan Soltani was born in Tabriz, the capital city of East Azerbaijan province in 1981.
Aslan Soltani
Member of the Central Council
Aydin Moghanli was born on 1978 in the Azerbaijani regions of Moghan region.
Hussein Mahmoudi was born in 1991 city of Miyana, East Azerbaijan.
Hussein Mahmoudi
Member of the Central Council
Elyar Kamrani was born on 1979 in the city of Ahar, Eastern Azerbaijan province.


This provision was adopted in June 2019, consisting of two chapters and 14 articles.

The conference has been postponed due to the outbreak of Corona virus