Secretary and member of the Central Council

Elyar Kamrani

I was born in Garadagh in 1979. I graduated from primary and secondary schools in Ahar city. During this time I wrote articles for various newspapers. My family and I have been involved in cultural activities in Southern Azerbaijan. In 1988, I entered the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Urmia University. We lived in Urmia for 6 years.
During that time I participated in many programs, including the Poetry Society, Farewell to Sattar Khan, Nizami Ganjavi Congress, and other similar programs.

I have published articles in student journals, including Overview, Awakening, Country, Green, and other publications and worked as a director and general director.

During this time I participated in the Azerbaijani student festival in Hamadan. We have created an association called the Azerbaijan Publishing Center and have operated on it.

When I was a student, my brother Saleh and I were arrested in the year 1380 on the eve of the Babek Tower in Urmia. And in June 1385, I completed my doctorate. Then I was arrested again. Although I was accepted to the Ph.D. program, I was expelled from the university in 1385 because I was arrested. I spent six months in prison. Then I worked with activists there when I was in Rasht. So I was arrested by the Rasht Intelligence Forces while I was in the military service. After military service, I returned to Ahar. We organized events and hold active meetings in Ahar.


+90 538 269 38 17


I graduated from law school. I nominated for Representation and City Council. Both of them were rejected by the Iranian government. I was also subjected to severe pressure from the Intelligence Forces for that reason.
I have been arrested twice in the Garadag earthquake and have an open criminal case. I was often harassed and threatened.
In 1397, I was taken to the address where I was living and arrested in front of my children. And the AN.T TV channel was established, which made things even worse for me. They organized a lawsuit in court and fined me. I was forced to leave my homeland with my passport in court. I created the Azerbaijani Central Party in Turkey


This provision was adopted in June 2019, consisting of two chapters and 14 articles.