Member of the AMP Central Council


Babak Azeroglu was born on 10th January 1970 in the city of Ahar of the Eastern Azerbaijan province. He started his political activites in 1992 at the Democrat United Azerbaijan Organization (Demokrat Vahid Azərbaycan Təşkilatı). Since 1993 he started working towards the creation of schools for the purpose of teaching in Azerbaijani Turkish language. He was one of the leading founders of the GAMAC in 1998.

He has been subjected to multiple threats, jailing and torture at the hands of Iranian state agencies for his activities.

He was accused and charged with «activites against Islamic regime and espionage for foreign countries» and sentenced to 4 years in prison in 1998, but released after 2 years on conditions of ceasing his political activities and not leaving the borders of Iran.

Following his conditional release he was left with no choice but leave South Azerbajan (Iran) for Norway with his family following the increased pressure and threats by the Iranian regime. He is father to one daughter and two sons. His current profession is teaching.


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This provision was adopted in June 2019, consisting of two chapters and 14 articles.