Member of the Central Council


He was born in 1978 in Jafar Abad, Mugan region of Azerbaijan. he joined the faculty of international law in 2003 and returned to South Azerbaijan after graduation of university.

He was one of the main founders of the Shahriyar Association, which has joined the ranks of the South Azerbaijan National Movement since 2000 and has been political struggle activist. At the same time, the journalist has worked in various newspapers and TV screens.
In 2012, he was arrested by the Iranian regime for political activities and kept in a secret infiltration cell for six months and then sent to a general prison in Tabriz. He was released three months later. As a result of pressure of the regime after the liberation, he has left South Azerbaijan and took refuge in the turkey. He currently lives in the United States


This provision was adopted in June 2019, consisting of two chapters and 14 articles.