Member and spokesman for the AMP Central Council


He was born in Tabriz, the capital city of East Azerbaijan province in 1981. He graduated in 1999 from secondary school and started to study in Sahand  University of Technology the same year in material science engineering in Tabriz.

Later he decided to move to Baku the capital of Azerbaijan Republic to continue his education in the same field this time as a master student between 2004-2006. After graduation at Azerbaijan University of Technology his occupational carrier continued in Baku. After a 8 years scientific pause, he admitted to the one of famous Scandinavian technical universities called KTH (Royal University of Technology) in Stockholm-Sweden as researcher and M.Sc student in Sustainable Energy Engineering.

He graduated from KTH in 2006 and still continues his carrier in Stockholm. His social and human right activities in favor of Azerbaijanis in Iran started in 2001 and still going on.


This provision was adopted in June 2019, consisting of two chapters and 14 articles.